Sunday, June 24, 2012

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Daydreaming Improves Thinking.

An article in Cosmo, January 2007, titled "Daydreaming Improves Thinking" cites that the U.S. Journal, Science, found that, "...daydreaming could be the result of the brain mulling over important - but not immediately relevant - issues..."

If that is true, then maybe daydreaming about New Zealand wine will improve my thinking. Because, I can't stop daydreaming about New Zealand wine.

Since May, I have become obsessed with New Zealand wine and I daydream often about traveling to New Zealand. In an effort to actualize those daydreams into reality, I have spent the last month contacting like minded wine fans. This blog is one of the outcomes of this daydream. Now I am researching all that is involved with traveling to New Zealand (NZ).

I have made new twitter friends who are passionate about NZ wine. These NZ wine friends continue to encourage me to visit New Zealand. One of my new friends, who shares this obsession with New Zealand, is Juli. Juli has agreed to join me in this NZ wine blog project. She recently visited New Zealand and is eager to return. Juli and I have not met, but we both live Washington State. She's in Seattle and I'm in Richland. Working online together, we will discuss, review and recommend our favorite New Zealand wines. We also plan on posting New Zealand wine facts, news and travel tips.

We look forward to sharing what we know and learn about New Zealand wine country. You are welcome to post comments and we appreciate your advice. When I go to New Zealand, I plan on making the most of my time and money. Hopefully these Kiwi daydreams will become reality.

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  1. Juli and I met for the first time a week ago in Seattle. Wow, three hours talking about New Zealand = fun!