Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review: Mohua 2011 Sauvignon Blanc

With new liquor laws in Washington State, private stores are opening everywhere. I recently took a trip to one that just opened and was shocked at their selection and price (in a good way!). Unfortunately, they only had about 35 New Zealand wines to choose from, disappointing considering the vast size & selection available in their store and the significant amount of wines available in general from New Zealand. Nonetheless, I went on a mini shopping spree. I bought 5 new Sauvignon Blancs & 2 new Pinot Noirs to start branching out from my norm for this blog. The first one I’m going to review is 2011 Mohua Sauvignon Blanc.

At first nose, this wine had promise. It had a very stereotypical smell for a New Zealand SB, but would it deliver on flavor? The first sip of Mohua was a bit shocking. Initially, it felt almost like a carbonated beverage, with a spicy jolt to your tongue. But once that subsided, the flavors that followed were very pleasant. Wonderful tropical fruit notes with a hint of peach and herbs, along with citrus, round out this really delicious wine.

I will admit that I didn’t drink the entire bottle the first night, and used my handy wine vacuum (LOVE THIS THING! Great gift idea!) to seal it until I was ready the next afternoon. I will also admit that I enjoyed it a lot more the second day. The second day it lost its initial sharp bite and was really smooth. I was sipping it in 85 degree afternoon sunshine and thought it was absolutely delightful. I would definitely recommend this for a variety of food dishes and any warm afternoon/evening. And, as you’ll read below, this wine is worth the extra dollar or two that you might spend on a similar quality Sauv Blanc, as it is doing good for the environment as well!

A few notes about Mohua:

  • Average price is about $10.50 to $12.50 a bottle
  • 12.5% Alcohol
  • Grapefruit, lime, grass, passionfruit & peaches/apricots make this a well balanced fruit forward wine
  • The “Mohua,” or Yellowbird, is a small, colorful bird that can only be found in the pristine and majestic forests of New Zealand’s South Island. Once abundant, they are now classified as an endangered species, surviving only in a few remote areas. (Reference: Mohua Label)
  •  The graphics of the Mohua label reflect this stunning bird, flying through the upper canopies of its tree habitat. (
  • As stated on the label, purchasing this wine allows for the funding of conservation projects that directly enhance the chances of the Mohua birds survival. 

Drinking wine for a good cause? Now that is something I can cheers to!

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