Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Fire Road 2011 Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough

Grilled Trout and Fire Road 2011 Sauvignon Blanc.
*Alana McGettigan winemaker.

The name **Fire Road is a tribute to the residents of Blenheim, who together, fought to save their vineyards and homes from a raging blaze in 2000.

It's grilling season in SE Washington and I'm grilling almost every day of the week. Sunday I grilled butterflied trout, crispy skin, well seasoned, smoky and very tasty. Last week while I was in Seattle, I picked up several bottles of New Zealand wine. They have a greater selection of wine on the west side, than where I live. The bottle I chose to open was the 2011 Fire Road Sauvignon Blanc, made from a selection of Marlborough grapes.

Tasting Notes:

Color: pale yellow/green
Nose: tropical, mango, banana, grassy, petrol, caramel, cinnamon, mandarin orange.
Flavor: mandarin, with some minerality when slightly warmer.
Finish: pleasant acidity, moderated by juicy fruit and creamy finish. Acidity pleasantly danced on my tongue after 30 seconds.
Thoughts: Not over the top, easy to drink and a great pairing with my grilled trout and shrimp salad. Your friends on the patio will love this wine. Reasonably priced. Recommended.
Note: After three days in the fridge, my last glass of this Sauvignon Blanc was quite good - a bit softer than day one, but plenty of flavor, perfect for fish tacos or another shrimp salad.

ABV: 13%
Closure: Screw cap
Paid: $10.99

Imported by: Winesellers Ltd. Niles, Illinois www.winesellersltd.com

*ALANA MCGETTIGAN, Bsc - Winemaker
Alana McGettigan has worked in the wine industry since 2002 with winemaking experience in Australia, New Zealand and Italy. Alana graduated from Otago University with a BSc in biochemistry and genetics in 2000 and went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology from Lincoln University in 2001. Alana joined Kiwi Oeno in 2005 as a winemaker and fits in two vintages every year, returning to Italy in September each year to work the harvest in Northern Italy and Southern France. Source: http://www.kowine.co.nz/people.aspx#Alana 

** Marlborough's worst ever fire on Boxing Day 2000, burnt 6,000 hectares (almost 15,000 acres) over the course of three days, killed thousands of livestock and threatened the wine town of Blenheim, as well as a number of vineyards and wineries. Disaster was avoided by the brave residents, of what is now known as Fireroad, who battled the blaze by using buckets and hand held hoses and were eventually assisted by a fortunate wind shift.


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