Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yours Truly is Hosting #winechat on 19 September. Topic? New Zealand Wine!

Photo: William Pollard Jr.

On September 19th join William on twitter as he hosts #winechat and tweets about New Zealand wine. Juli will be there too. 

This is your chance to chat with the Kiwi Daydreaming team on twitter and discuss the joys of #NZwine.

William has participated on several #winechat sessions, this will be his first time hosting.

#Winechat is a chat on Twitter every Wednesday night from 9-10 pm EST (6-7 pm PST) (which means this #winechat will occur on 9/20 Thursday 1-2 pm NZST in New Zealand - would love to have some Kiwis participate).

The topic for September 19th is "What’s going on over there? Is the New Zealand reputation for producing world class Sauvignon Blanc merited? And what about the Pinot Noir they are producing? Just how good is it?"

The recommended wines for the 19 September #winechat.
 Suggested wines for this #winechat: 
  • 2011 Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2010 Goldwater Pinot Noir
What is #Winechat?

#Winechat is a chat on Twitter that occurs every Wednesday night from 9-10 pm EST (6-7 pm PST). Each week a different topic is discussed with different guests. You don’t have to be a total wine geek to join – but, you must have a thirst to learn and chat about wine! Check out some fun #winechat numbers here.

A March 2012 #winechat session on wines of Chile.
How do you join #winechat? Using a tool such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, log into your twitter account and follow the #winechat stream. Be sure to include #winechat at the end of each tweet so everyone in the stream can see you! Have your wine ready to drink and share your thoughts with everyone else on twitter. Grab a glass and join in!


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  1. A big thank you to everyone who participated on #winechat #NZwine September 19th. Some great information on New Zealand wine was shared. Even though I had Internet problems, Juli took charge and hosted #winechat like a hero. Thank you. And to all the Kiwis who joined in too, woot! You guys were great. It was extra special to have New Zealand wineries and wine industry folks contributing to the conversation. Many thanks to Pasternak wines for getting New Zealand wine samples out to us too. Take care.