Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: 2011 Smart Cookie Sauvignon Blanc

With the crazy holiday season (and personally starting a new job & celebrating my birthday a few weeks back!), I haven't had a chance to blog in a while. I am working on it...I promise!

I recently went to purchase a case of my favorite wine and noticed they had quite a bit of new New Zealand wines and I couldn't help myself. While I still have quite a few bottles in my fridge to review, I had to grab a few more to add to the shelf. With so many stacking up, I finally decided I needed to get back in the blogging spirit! So, the first wine I decided to review was 2011 Smart Cookie Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough.

I will admit I bought this wine thinking it wouldn't be any good. Looking at the name and label, I didn't expect much from this wine, but at $8.99, I couldn't help myself. Much to my surprise, this wine was really good!

This wine was a pale yellow, golden, very light color, almost clear. The smell was incredibly crisp and luscious, full of tropical flavors and tart apples. I was surprised that the nose was very bold with strong, prevalent smells, but was also light.

The first sip was very smooth, with a tart bite at the back of the throat, with strong lemon lime flavors. It was slightly sweet, but not overwhelming with really great flavor and a long finish. It definitely delivered on the nose and was pretty typical of a delicious NZ Sauv Blanc. Day two it mellowed a bit but still had great flavor. This is another wine to add to the easy drinking list!

The back of the bottle said it was like lemon cookies...I have to disagree a bit as it isn't as sweet as what you'd expect with a lemon cookie, but it was zesty and refreshing! I definitely recommend this wine.

Food Pairing Suggestions:
This would be delicious with a simple salad with a vinaigrette, or a summer salad with fruit and avocado.

I also thought about pairing it with a berry pie or cheesecake.

ABV: 13.0%
Price: $8.99
Importer: Universal Wine Network
Problem: This bottle is abnormally tall, so it doesn't fit in your fridge. This is always something that bothers me!

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