Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review: Stoneburn 2011 Sauvignon Blanc

I'm feeling back on track now...and ready for another post. I'm really feeling the Sauvignon Blanc spirit right now, so I'm reviewing 2011 Stoneburn from Marlborough.

This wine was very crystal clear, with a pale yellow, golden cast. The nose was very typical of an NZ Sauvignon Blanc, with tropical fruit and grass prominent. There was a zesty lemon note as well.

Upon first sip, there was an immediate bite on the tongue, with a bit of acid yet fruity notes. It was a bit spicy in the middle, with grassy notes and a little bit of minerality. It was quite zesty, with lemon notes and a long finish.

On the second day, the wine lost some of its spice and bite, but had a bit more mineral flavor. By the third day, it was very calm but still had great flavor.

Overall, I'd recommend this wine. It had great flavor with a bit of spice, but still very typical NZ Sauv Blanc notes.

ABV: 13.5%
Price: $9.99
Website: www.hunters.co.nz (Blenheim, New Zealand)
Importer: The Australian Wine Connection, Concord, CA
Bottle Notes: The vines planted in an old riverbed have their lower bunches of fruit ripened by the the reflected sun during the day, and grow in a warm microclimate at night as the stones discharged their heat. The soil is poor which makes the vines struggle for survival, a situation that is actually beneficial to winemaking since the vine produces fruit with incredibly intense flavor.

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