Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: Stony Bay 2011 Sauvignon Blanc

Stony Bay Sauvignon Blanc drew me in with the serene label. With the black and white, and the beautiful rocks in the water, I somehow decided I'd go for it.

After I first poured the wine, the color exhibited a light green, golden cast. The notes on the nose were more earthy, like a pinot gris, or a viognier, or even a chardonnay; very unexpected.

Upon first sip, there was crisp acid, with very little fruitiness. The sip was a little dull to be honest. After a few sips in, it became more smooth, with a short bite on the finish, with notes of green apple and grass. The wine was a bit heavy, and didn't exhibit notes of tropical flavors like we're traditionally used to with NZ Sauv Blancs.

By day two, the wine was very similar, but it did exhibit more traditional Sauv Blanc qualities, bringing out a bit more tropical fruit and tartness.

ABV: 13.0%
Vintage: 2011
Price: $13-$16
Region: East Coast, New Zealand
Bottle Notes: Stony Bay wines are made in a fruit forward elegant and refined style which makes them ideal to enjoy on their own or with matching food dishes. The 2011 Sauvignon Blanc displays bright fresh aromas of passionfruit and gooseberry. Crisp and vibrant with a long luscious finish. Suggested food pairings were spicy Asian dishes and seafood.
Importer: Saranty Imports, White PLains, NY
My Food Pairing Suggestions: I had this with a pesto caprese salad, and it paired well. I think this wine would pair well with a variety of lighter, savory food dishes.

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