About Us

Juli Crompe and William Pollard Jr are Kiwi Daydreaming.

Photo: Juli Crompe.
Photo: William Pollard Jr.

Juli and William did not meet in person before starting this blog. A common obsession with New Zealand wine connected them and created Kiwi Daydreaming. Both live in Washington State, USA. Juli lives in Seattle on the west (wet) side, and William lives in Richland in the dry SE corner of the State. Working together online, they are discussing, reviewing and recommending their favorite New Zealand wines. They also plan on posting New Zealand wine facts, news and travel tips. Juli is planning on returning to New Zealand as soon as possible, while William is researching all that is involved for his first trip to New Zealand.

Juli and William look forward to sharing what they know and learn about New Zealand wine country. Hopefully their Kiwi daydreams will become reality.
Connect with Juli or William via email: 
Juli@kiwidaydreaming.com and William@kiwidaydreaming.com

Mauriora! (Good Health/Cheers!)